2012 route map

Thanks to Pawan and his capable and generous team at Himalayan Map House. Rather than see the route on the day, or try to work it out from the Google Earth route posted last week in the newsletter (see the 2011 monsoon newsletter here if you missed it), have a look at this on a proper map. Himalayan Map House have generously agreed to provide each runner with a map like this, though lines you will have to draw yourself! Please note it is not perfectly accurate. Trails change fast in this area, but it will give you a clear idea where abouts you’ll be going!

Click the button bottom right on the thing to make it big.


Watch out for the long green line and don’t follow it because you’ll get very lost – that’s the national park boundary!

50km: Green line from Ghandruk to Birethanti
70km: Red line
100km: Pink line branching out from the 70km red line.
NB: a little bit of the beginning of the course is missing from Pokhara.