2022 routes

Race area: Mardi Himal

Date is still to be confirmed! Registration is closed until then! Check for similar races in Nepal:

Trail Race Calendar for Nepal: trailrunningnepal.org/event-calendar

A quick introduction to the race area. This is the Mardi Himal trekking area and this is where you’re going to be running! Given the altitude at the locations shown on the link above, it is much more likely to be fast hiking, which perhaps gives you more time to appreciate the views while above the tree line. Yes, we go to over 3,500m and yes this is high, but there is no real need to acclimatise before the race, you’ll only spend an hour or two at this altitude before descending again.

Kilian Jornet jumping
He always does this…

Note that both trails presented below are close to what we want but we know there are some refinements that can be made to improve the experience further. Participants will be updated about any changes but it won’t change substantially.

Routes info for each race as follows: