Annapurna 100 Classic 100 km route

The 2019 race course GPS track updated September 14, 2019:

99.1 km  +5418 m  -6343 m

Note the exactly highest point will be decided shortly before the event subject to the condition of the trail. It’s likely it will be around 3700m and not 3900m.

Route overview

Most people come to Nepal to see the mountains, but the weather doesn’t always permit that. So we start early (4:00a) and take you up high.

NB: The ground is technical and the climbs are huge. If you are only used to running on tracks or flat, then you will struggle on the first half of this course. Consider dropping down to the 55 km event. Poles are recommended, but please use them carefully on steep ground, taking care not to point them backwards into the face of someone behind you.

You can follow the route on and The trail heads north on a mix of grade 0 jeep track and small inter-village trails. You reach the village of Sidhing at 20 km point. From here you climb past grazing lands then into wild forest where you might meet some buffalo. You can take drinking water from a waterfall here. The climb continues for 12 km all the way to the high point. Hopefully you will get a clear view of the mountains.

Ulta trail running himalaya

From the high point at “Mardi High Camp”, then you turn south a long a long ridge. It’s not all downhill as you will find out. There are many twists, turns and short climbs. It’s enjoyable never the less but will take your energy.

After the ridge, the 55 km route returns east to the finish at Dhampus. For 100 km runners not feeling great, this is a good option. Otherwise continue on to Panchase peak, the second phase of the route. Here you will initially find more jeep tracks, more habitation. The climb will feel relatively easy angled compared to what you have already completed.

There is a long downhill to Pokhara from the temple at the peak. Be careful, there are some jungle sections which are wet and slippy. Take care.

In Pokhara we finish on lakeside. Follow the markings to the finish location.

Saturday night accommodation

Note that for accommodation, you must have a hotel booked in Pokhara and arrange with them to let you in at whatever time in the morning you finish.


There are two possible dropbag locations:

  1. 20 km – must be given by 6pm the night before the start.
  2. 60 km (Kande CP7) – can be given at the start line.