Annapurna 100 Classic 55 km route

An adjusted 2019 race course GPS track will be updated in late February 2019.

mardi from australia camp We race Towards Fishtail – the Matterhorn-like one – along this forested ridge top.

2018 course profile and description

Annapurna 50 2018 route google earth
Annapurna 50 profile
Start to 18 kmAnnapurna 100 ultra map 50

The start and finish of both races is in the village of Dhampus.

One thing you will notice in Nepal is that the hills and mountains are big. The rivers that flow away from the mountains cut deep. This means if you want to get close to the mountains in Nepal, you have to do some climbing.

From the start you get some traversing descent on trails and tracks. This is a great warm up and the first 13 km will pass easily. You meet a section of jeep track which lasts for about 4 km which facilitates the small amount of climbing you have to do.

Most of this section is lightly shaded by trees and passes through several farming villages.

18 km to 30 km

We (you) are lucky with this course in that you get 90% of the climb done in one go. How lucky! But this is a monster of a climb, almost 2000m of unrelenting climb in a tangle of forest. At about 26.6 km you come out of the forest – it ends abruptly – and you’re above the tree line. That means if it is clear, you’ve got some amazing views. As mentioned, you will notice the altitude so can take this section as a hike.

30 km to finish

After taking some time (and pictures) at the checkpoint, you have 2000m to descend over 22 km. Some of this is slightly technical in the forest and some is going to be nicely runnable. It’s going to be hard on your legs, same some energy for a stylish finish.