Applying for a Nepal Tourist Visa on arrival

The majority of countries can get visa on arrival for Nepal.
For your tourist visa, you can fill this form and upload a photo (link below) and print out the result… then from the aeroplane, walk directly to the payment counter to pay your visa fee in cash, before going to the immigration desks to get your visa in your passport. It’s the easiest way to get your visa, though if you have time, you can also apply from the Nepal embassy in your country but details for this you have to check the website of the Nepal Embassy in your country.

Get your digital copy of your passport photo ready and click the link below.

See the example attached… common errors include putting text where only a number is allowed, or leaving fields blank. The address data will not be checked by the official, so if something is confusing, just enter ‘something’ and hope it works.

If you need a phone number, you can use: 00977 9808764497, and address, you can use your hotel address – an example is:

Hotel Shanker
Street: Lazimpat
Ward No: 2
VDC/Municipality: Kathmandu
District: Kathmandu
Zone: Bagmati
Postal Code: 44600
Country: Nepal

Phone: +977 1 4410151

Fax: +977 1 4412691

Again, it is not likely to be checked. For the length of visa, the price increases after 15 days, until 30 days, but just put in your arrival and departure dates and see what comes out.

Otherwise there are touch screen machines in the airport where you can do this too… better to be prepared otherwise you will stand in a queue as many can be out of order.

Most currencies are accepted for payment… prices are quoted in USD and if you use another currency, there is no guarantee of getting change in the same currency, or the rate being good – but it will be close enough so paying in euros, yen, Singapore dollars is ok too.

ps. it never hurts to carry a passport photo and photocopy of your passport when travelling.