Nepal Tourism Year 2011

2011 has been declared a Tourism Year. What this actually means will only become apparent some way into 2011. The Government and Nepal Tourist Board (NTB) hope that one million tourists will come, which is double the record number so far but no-one really knows how that is going to happen.

Still, what is really nice is that the tourism operators and small businesses are standing behind the tourism 100%. “Together for Tourism” is the motto. Every tourism business has a banner flying stating their support, the political parties have agreed not to call strikes in 2011, there are more new trekking routes and new homestays than before.

We’re happy to be the very first event in this year and do our bit to support NTY 2011. We love bringing people to Nepal and introducing them to great trails and friendly people. We hope you’ll soon be one of them!

NTY 2011 Logo High-Res