Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the foods and drinks on the posts along the way?
    Mineral water will be available. Food will vary from place to place including: potatoes, biscuits, bananas, noodle soup. We recommend that you a) bring your own favorite energy bars, gels, powders and carry them, b) bring small change to buy items from small shops along the route in case you need.
  • Can you give your own food and drinks to the posts prior to the race?
    For 100km we’ll have a drop bag service around halfway, so this can be an option for you.
  • Will the route be marked?
    Yes, the route will be well marked with orange fluorescent ribbon.
  • What are the timings (deadlines to pass a post) before one gets disqualified and has to stop?
  • What hotel are we staying in?
    You can book your own hotel in Pokhara, and it is not included in the fee. Registration etc. will take place at lakeside so a hotel close to there would make life easy.
  • I just want to find some cheap accommodation … And also would like some advice as to where I could stay for a couple of weeks prior to race and train!!
    Perhaps go to Pokhara and hang out there or go on a trek. There are a whole heap of nice and reasonable budget hotels in Pokhara. Just search Trip Advisor.
  • Please can you advise on what sort of travel insurance most people take out and if normal travel insurance (including trekking over 3000m) would provide adequate cover. 
    See this page of recommendations about insurance. Most simple activity insurance policies cover trekking up to 4000m.
  • I would like to fly in on Friday and out on Sunday at my own expense.
    Flying to Pokhara is possible. See
  • How many days do I need to acclimatize or get comfortable before race day?  I am worried about high altitude sickness.
    No need to be worried, the altitude is not great enough for problems to happen.
  • Also, can you please point me out to a website/ blog/ experiences of participants of previous races?  novice and first-timers would be awesome.
    See this as a starter!
  • Is payment possible at the start and in cash? Do we need to pay online or can we pay when we get to Pokhara?
    See the payments page.
  • What is the cutoff time for the 50k?
    There is no specific cut of time as you will have to power yourself back to the finish anyhow.
  • Do you know of any mountain biking guides near Pokhara, to hook me up with after the race?

If you have unanswered questions, please email