Obligatory equipment

The race has enough food & drink stations. However, you pass through several villages with tea shops and basic lodges/restaurants that offer supplies and shelter.

We expect good weather during this time of year, nevertheless, for safety reasons, runners need to be prepared and carry a minimum of supplies and equipment to cover for night time cold, changes in weather and unexpected circumstances.

Mandatory equipment:
  • Water bottle(s) or bladder carrying minimum 1 litre.
  • Mobile Phone – Local SIM card is available for Rs 100 with emergency number dialled in. (About $1 and you need photo and passport & visa copy)
  • Windproof and/or waterproof jacket
  • Trousers/tights covering below the knee are advised for 42/55 km and compulsory for 100 km.
  • Fleece long-sleeved top is advised for 42/55 km and compulsory for 100 km.
  • Emergency blanket
  • Buff or hat
  • Whistle
  • Head torch (+ spare batteries for 100 km)
  • Rs 2,000/- cash in small change
  • 400 calories of food – energy bars/gels or other energy-rich food (e.g. dried fruit & nuts)

This check will be done during registration and random CPs.

Gear suggestions


  • The temperature at 4am will be approx. 14 °C so have warm clothes for at the start. Your bag will be stored at the finish.
  • During the day, shorts and a normal running t-shirt are sufficient. Running tights are fine. Much of the course has tree cover but the sun’s UV can be strong at altitude so cover neck and head if possible.
  • A second layer (jacket) is needed for when you stop.
  • It could become cold if it rains. Consider taking a thin hat, thin gloves, thin fleece top (and all can be bought for a few $ each in Pokhara).


  • Poles are advised for the big climbs
  • Take an ORS sachet or two – very affordable rehydration salts.
  • Apply (and take along sunscreen), and wear a cap. We expect sunny weather.
  • You may also consider taking a small medical kit for blisters and abrasions.
  • It is necessary to carry spare batteries for your head light/torch.
  • Take money. Up to Rs. 2,000 will be more than plenty and small (Rs. 100) notes are best. There is enough simple food and drink at checkpoints but you can buy extra as you need if you have money. Prices rise with altitude/distance from the road head. Some indications with Rs 100 ~ 1 USD
    • Half litre of Coke: from 100 Rs 100 to 200 Rs
    • Chocolate bar: from 80 Rs to 200 Rs
    • 1 litre bottle of water: from 30 Rs to 100 Rs
  • There is mobile phone reception on parts of the route which have line of sight visibility with large villages. Take your mobile phone. A list of phone numbers will be given to you.