What others say…

Some of the feedback from the 2011 race runners.

Laveta Stewart, USA
This race opened up a new world of running to me. I never thought I could complete the distance yet alone at altitude. I would definitely return to Nepal to do this race. Thank you so much for the consistent encouragement from the directors. Although this run was an individual adventure, I never felt alone. The Nepalese people, young and old, were so generous in their time and effort to make sure we were fed, safe, and having a good time. Tikka blessings made me feel welcome. If anyone is looking for a new challenge, the Annapurna 100/70/50K was the most gratifying way to start the new year.

Patrick Decorte, Belgium
my personal favorite moment was the warm welcome of some very friendly women in the villages who gave us flowers, “”khata’s””, who made our faces red with their red powder.
and of course, the nature, beautiful”

Peter Gijsels, Belgium
A really fantastic run through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!

Rekha Larsen, Denmark
“In brief, the Annapurna 100 is an amazing race experience and an absolutely beautiful course, where you get to meet the best of Nepali culture and nature. Favorite moments include receiving tikkas, flowers and lemon juice from the local villagers along the route and having the Himalayas reward your efforts with astounding views of the white ranges.”

Pranjal Milovnik, Slovakia
This race was great. Unforgettable experience. It was my first visit to Nepal but not the last for sure. Great and friendly runners, and scenery… Well, you can´t really explain that beauty.

Lizzy Hawker, UK
“It was a beautiful and challenging race. An incredible experience to share, and a unique way to start a new year.”

Kalpana BK, 18 from Dolpa District
It was an opportunity that never came to me before, so I didn’t want to simply dismiss it. It boosted my confidence and willpower to take part in such events more and more. It’s definitely not about winning or losing, but moving forward and experiencing challenges that make you stronger.

(Kalpana along with 8 others from the 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking agency ran 50 km and had never run before.)