Ultrarunners Longitudinal TRAcking (ULTRA) Study

If you are a regular ultra runner, and have not seen this already, you may be interested to partake and help the medical community understand what we’re doing to our bodies!

Have you ever wondered if running long distances is healthy? Even though the answer to this question might not change our behavior, it’s been a question many of us have pondered for years. Well, we are now in a position to get the answer.

The Ultrarunners Longitudinal TRAcking (ULTRA) Study has just been initiated. This study will follow the activity level and health status of ultramarathon runners over the course of many years. By doing so, we can determine if high levels of exercise alter health risks compared with sedentary or moderately active lifestyles.

It is well recognized that regular moderate exercise reduces the risk for numerous medical conditions. However, we do not know if high levels of exercise convey such benefits. There has even been some concern that such levels of exercise can cause an increased risk for certain diseases. But, there have been no studies examining if this is the case.

We are seeking participation by anyone who has finished at least one ultramarathon (50 K or longer). We need a large study population in order to successfully complete this study, so please consider participating. Enrollment in the study will begin by completion of a secure web-based questionnaire. Each participant will then be asked to periodically update information about their activity level and health status over the course of many years.

The study is under the direction of Dr. Marty Hoffman. You may contact him to discuss the study at (916) 843-9027 or martin.hoffman@va.gov. He is associated with the VA Northern California Health Care System. The study includes collaborators from Stanford University.

If you would like to participate in the study, please go to the following link http://bit.ly/ULTRAStudy