Useful links for ultra runners before the 2018 race!

Want help to book a flight to Pokhara?

It’s a flat rate of $125 one way, but 30 minutes instead of 6-7 hours on the road.

Still need a hotel in Pokhara or Kathmandu?

Fill in this form, we have options for you with some of the other runners.

Interested in the race bus to/from Pokhara?

Annapurna 100 transportWant to travel to Pokhara with others? 6:30 am on either Thursday 25th or Friday 26th? Or possibly Wednesday. It will cost somewhere around $15 depending on the number of people.

Do you have supporters coming looking to stay at start / finish?

If you need extra beds, fill this form out.

Do you wish to change distances?

It is still possible but be quick. Email us:

List of international participants…

Here’s a list of the visiting athletes from outside of Nepal! Welcome.

Do you need to cancel?

Let us know officially with this form so that we can refund your accommodation payment and a % of your fee.

Did you change event and expect a partial refund?

Refunds come back to the card you paid with. If it has not arrived, or you’ve not heard from us, send an email to and we’ll fix it.